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Best Real Estate Investing YouTube Channels

When I first got started learning about real estate investing as a freshman in college, I turned to YouTube as my educational resource of choice. For me, I learn better from video than reading a book.

YouTube is great for free real estate investing training. Forget spending hundreds of dollars on a real estate course.

There are hundreds of channels related to real estate investing which means you could spend hours every week watching free content in video format to educate yourself.

So which real estate investing YouTube channels do I recommend? Today we will be discussing these 3 influential channels.


3 Awesome Real Estate Investing YouTube Channels

#1: Nick Foy TV

The first YouTube channel worth subscribing to is none other than my very own! I’m totally revamping my YouTube Channel again, deleting old videos that weren’t the best quality and fixing my Titles, Descriptions, and Cover Images.

Each month I’ll be publishing real estate tutorial videos covering basic, beginner friendly topics as well as more advanced investing strategies for landlords and house flippers.

Every video’s description will link to additional videos you should watch next as well as other resources I find of value that will help you grow your knowledge even more.

Subscribe to Nick Foy TV here

#2: BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is one of the biggest real estate forum communities online but they also have a YouTube channel. Brandon Turner is the main guy publishing real estate investing tips and tutorials to the channel but they do post their podcast episodes to the channel also!

I would definitely recommend the BiggerPockets Podcast as a free educational resource to grow your knowledge of real estate investing. Each episode is usually 45 minutes to 1 hour in length and features many guests who have done incredibly well buying rentals, flipping houses, and running property management companies.

Subscribe to BiggerPockets YouTube Channel here

#3: Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a real estate millionaire and could end up becoming a real estate billionaire someday soon. His company Cardone Captial controls over $500+ million in real estate around the southern United States.

On Grant Cardone’s YouTube Channel he frequently uploads videos, like 4-5 videos per day. Don’t worry about keeping up, not all of them are related to buying real estate deals. He teaches sales training as well.

Usually once per week, Grant Cardone live streams real estate investing trainings on his channel and on Facebook. I would recommend Grant Cardone’s YouTube channel if you want to learn multi-family real estate, which means apartment complexes and larger deals in the millions of dollars.

He seems to hate single family houses and preaches buying only bigger deals with multiple units like apartment buildings instead. But that’s what makes each of our 3 YouTube Channels so unique and why you’ll benefit from subscribing to all of them.

Subscribe here to Grant Cardone’s YouTube Channel

How to Quit Your Job With Real Estate Investing

Now that I’ve shared 3 free places you can go to learn more about becoming a landlord, flipping houses, and growing your wealth buying real assets that you can touch (unlike the stock market)…

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And sure…I could make my real estate investing training course free, but I spent a lot of time building it for you and I spend money running my YouTube Channel and Website.

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