real estate agent marketing techniques

Top Real Estate Agent Marketing Techniques

Real estate marketing is a complicated and ever-changing web of variables. There are many different techniques that licensed real estate agents can utilize to help them get their listings seen by the most people possible.

These marketing techniques can be a powerful asset for any agent looking to increase their business when done correctly. The corporate domain requires the application of different marketing ideas, which are often confusing to figure out.

This blog seeks to analyze the top real estate agent marketing techniques that can make one successful.

1. Digital/Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is a relatively new concept that is becoming more and more popular with large corporations and small businesses alike. Social Media marketing uses the internet to increase exposure of your products/services to potential customers.

This can be done through any number of websites out on the internet. One of the most well-known websites is Craigslist, which allows users from all over to post both free and paid ads for products/services. Posting your own ads on Craigslist has several benefits for your business.

One major benefit is that you can utilize digital marketing to advertise to many different demographics.

For example, if you have a family-based business, then the digital marketing channel is a great place to post ads because there will be an influx of users who are parents and will be interested in your products/services.

The main idea of digital marketing is to get your product/service out there so that more people will know about it and potentially become customers. Another benefit of posting ads on the digital platforms is that most of them are free.

2. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the most effective, yet underutilized marketing techniques. It is essential that all real estate agents understand this technique and use it in their business.

Word of mouth can be one of the most effective ways to increase your business, as it is a way for potential customers to have a personal relationship with you which can lead to trust and credibility.

When people hear about your company or product, they are more likely to come see firsthand if what was being told about them was false or not. When people hear good things about a company or product, they are more likely to trust the brand and purchase their product/service.

There are many different ways to go about word-of-mouth marketing. One of the most common forms of word-of-mouth marketing is referral marketing. When you use referral marketing, you will have buyers refer others over to your business to increase sales for yourself.

On the other hand, you can also use social media sites such as Reddit to get others spreading their word about your business. The point is that word of mouth marketing can be a powerful strategy for any company or real estate agent looking for an effective way to increase profits.

3. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is another example of digital marketing, which has been growing in popularity for quite some time. With the internet, it is possible to promote a company’s product/service without spending any money on advertising at all.

Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of money on traditional marketing channels such as TV commercials and radio ads, you can use digital marketing to post ads directly on the internet.

This can be done through websites such as Google AdWords, where you can purchase ad space directly in front of your target market. Through this advertisement strategy, companies can sell more products/services and should be taken more seriously by potential customers.

4. Joining local business groups

Another way to gain credibility with potential customers is by joining local business groups. Joining these groups will allow you to interact with other professionals who can potentially buy your product/service.

The main idea of joining one of these groups is that people within the group are more likely to hear about you and potentially become a customer because they trust the opinions of their peers.

Groups such as Chamber of Commerce, Business referral groups, and networking events have been around for quite some time, but they have recently gained popularity in the real estate industry.

5. Business Card and Gift Cards

Another way to gain credibility with potential customers is by distributing business cards to as many people as possible. Different types of business cards are available, but all of them serve the same purpose: introducing your brand to potential clients.

The business card can be given out by either giving them out directly or handing them out during networking events and by-inviting-only groups you may be a part of. Business cards can be very important in the business field, so it is important to take the time to make your business card stand out.

It is possible to create a custom-made gift card that can make your business card much more effective.

6. Blogs/Article Writing

Online articles and blogs are another straight-forward way to market your brand online. In order to increase exposure to your brand, you need to ensure that content is constantly being posted on the internet about various topics related to your product/service.

The trick here is to write about your product/service and make sure that the content is compelling. If you are looking for a way to increase the awareness of your brand, you will want to consider writing blog posts and articles for various websites across the internet.

This will help potential customers learn about your business and, in turn, increase sales for your company.

7. Sending Postcards

Although this marketing technique is becoming less effective for sales, it can still be a valuable way to send out messages about your product/service. Traditional postcards are still a good way to spread the word about your brand, which can lead to more sales.

Additionally, sending physical postcards can have the added benefit of making the customer feel like they are a priority, potentially leading to more sales.

8. Door-to-Door Service

In order to gain credibility with potential customers, it is best to show up in person and introduce your brand yourself. This is why door-to-door service is still one of the most effective ways to market a product/service.

When people cannot meet you in person, they will not be able to have a personal relationship with you. To overcome this problem, many companies are now creating mobile offices which allow the agents to go and meet customers on the go.

9. Organizing Client Events

Although this is not the most common way of marketing, it can be a very effective way to get your name out there. Client events are one of the best ways to gain credibility with potential customers because they will be able to see you in action.

This means that they will be able to have a personal relationship with you which can lead to trust and credibility. For example, if someone sees you acting well with others at a client event and they like what they see, they may eventually become your customer as well.


The consideration of the various marketing techniques is important because digital marketing is maturing and becoming a standard. Regardless of the digital marketing strategies you use, you need to ensure that they are being targeted to your target audience.

Although general digital marketing can be very effective, you will want to ensure that the methods you choose are targeted toward businesses/consumers who would potentially buy your product/service.