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Millionaire Handbook:
How to Save $1,000,000 and Retire Early

Download my free eBook that will teach you the principles that millionaires follow to amass wealth and reach financial freedom early in life. Most importantly you’ll learn:

  • What does it take to save $1,000,000?
  • How quickly can I achieve $1,000,000 in savings?
  • How do you calculate your financial freedom/retirement number?
  • Why ‘savings rate’ is so important and how to calculate your current rate?

I started talking to and working with millionaires at age 20. I became friends with several who then formed investment partnerships with me to acquire real estate investment deals. I want to send you these lessons I learned working with the wealthy that have changed my life forever and will change yours as well. These lessons will help you create your financial freedom road map that guides you to early retirement and allows you the freedom to spend your days as you please with no financial stress.

Fix & Flip Deals

Download your free copy of my fix & flip analysis guide. This PDF will show you how to run numbers on a potential investment property.