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Why You Need a WE BUY HOUSES Real Estate Website

Whether you’re new to real estate investing or an experienced investor, one of the best ways to ramp up your deal flow is to generate more leads using the internet!

When I first got started investing in real estate at the age of 20, I came across several blog articles conveying the importance of having a website for your real estate business.

Why is a website so important?

Imagine your website as your own personal assistant who works for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The internet is always turned on and running. It doesn’t have select hours it works.

By having your own website you can be exposed to thousands of online searchers in your community all times of the day!

Many of these blogs posts I read expressed the importance of designing your real estate website to capture seller leads so you can have motivated people to call up and make an offer on their home.

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How to Capture Leads

The process is simple. Someone searches the internet seeking information about how they can sell their home fast.

Your website comes up in the search results and they click on your website. Great. Now what?

When you design your real estate website, you’ll want a page dedicated to capturing motivated seller’s contact information.

You can create this lead capture page as one of the many pages on your real estate website or you can create a We Buy Houses website dedicated solely for capturing seller leads.

My first We Buy Houses website was used solely for generating seller leads. I’ve since moved to having a general investor website at FoyPropertyGroup.com as well as my real estate agent website TeamFoy.com.

But with my first website, I used the home page as the contact form page.

At the top of the webpage was a introduction video of myself explaining how I’m an investor who works with sellers who want to sell their home fast and receive a competitive cash offer.

Then I had additional information and a call to action asking them to fill out the contact form with their information so I could get in touch to discuss more about their home for sale.

I recommend you go this route as well.

Create an informational video they can watch upon coming to your website and then ask them to fill out information about their home they’d like to sell so you can contact them and discuss your offer.

Resource: Check out my step by step course on building a website and making money from it

Do We Buy Houses Websites Actually Work?


My first We Buy Houses website ended up generating me several leads over time but none of the homes turned to be worth pursuing as an investment on my end so I kindly declined my interest in purchasing to the sellers.

Still, these were leads I wouldn’t have had otherwise and required no effort on my part besides setting up my website initially.

As I got more experienced with websites and lead generation systems, I ended up setting up my new investor website FoyPropertyGroup.com, which gets me a few phone calls per week.

I’ve also added different advanced features to it like an email newsletter through ConvertKit that I won’t get into today. (If you’re interested, read this tutorial on ConvertKit)

But for the beginner investor, a basic We Buy Houses website can greatly increase your brand to online visitors and generate interested buyer and seller leads.

To create your real estate website, I’ve written several detailed tutorials you can review to better understand the steps.

How to Build Your Real Estate Website

In simplified terms here’s what you’ll need to do.

  1. Purchase website hosting from a hosting company like Bluehost.
  2. Download WordPress (it’s free) from your Bluehost account CPanel
  3. Log in to your WordPress website and begin designing your pages
  4. Start a blog on your website, sharing helpful articles for locals to read

If you don’t want to go the DIY route and use YouTube video tutorials to help you learn how to design a website, then you can hop onto a freelancer job posting website and hire someone to do it for you virtually for $500.

Once your website is set up, I highly recommend starting a blog and an email newsletter.

Your blog posts can target topics different motivated sellers and buyers would be searching the internet for.

When they come across your website, you want to appear as the expert and credible so they feel comfortable filling out the contact form with their personal information.

Here are some topics:

  • How to sell my home fast
  • How to sell my home without using a real estate agent
  • Wholesalers in _____ (city)
  • ______ (city) real estate for sale
  • ______ (city) real estate investors

Overall, create helpful content on your blog so that you can get found by Google searches and grow the overall traffic to your website.

Additional ways to grow your website’s traffic include social media marketing and including it on your direct mailers you send out to home owner’s you’re prospecting as leads.

When they get your letter in the mail, they can visit your website to learn more and they’ll also come across your contact form where they can share information about their home.

For more tips, stop by the Blog Page to see my recent articles dedicated to helping real estate investors succeed and build wealth through real estate.

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Best Wishes,

Nick Foy

P.S. Check out my real estate investing course for beginners. It’s filled with all the information you need to know to become a successful investor and broken down into specific modules with bonus content in each module.

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