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How to be a perfect renter: A guide to make most of your real estate investment

Some of the richest people in the world became so out of the real estate business. So, one can have a plethora of reasons to make an investment in this sector. However, it is a financially sensitive space and enough caution must be vested before investing in any property.

Investing in real estate is not a matter of luck. You should conduct a lot of research and invest your funds intelligently to get maximum returns. Here are some of the ways in which you can make the most of your real estate.

Do not Keep Personal Debt

Even if expert investors carry personal debt as a strategic part of their investment, the ordinary investor should not do it. Especially, you should not buy a rental property if you are on a student loan or cannot pay your bills, or have issues that need financial investment soon.

However, one should always look out. If one is cautious and can arrange a property where the return is greater than the cost of debt, one can always go for it! The safe margin should be maintained. You should not find yourself in a position where you do not earn enough revenues and you have got debts to pay.

Search for the correct location

This is very important to making an investment because if you’re not considering it, you might find yourself in a property where the market tide is declining, or not even stable far from having increasing flow. A location with a stably increasing population generally is the most potential location to invest property in.

Along with this, one should ensure the concerned area has reasonably fewer property taxes, proper amenities like parks, shopping complexes, restaurants, cinema halls, etc. Most importantly, a region with decreased levels of crime is always preferable. If the place has easy access to public transport or is a site to a developing job base, not to mention, it has a lot of potential for renters.

Invest in multiple properties

The most efficient way to ensure a steady income and profit out of the real estate is to assemble multiple properties at your convenience and rent them out at once. This will cover up for the loss of income in case one or more rental properties remain unrented, become temporarily unfit to be rented, damaged and so on. If the entire focus is on one single property, it will neither be efficient nor fit for making the most of your investments.

Most successful investors prefer investing in multiple properties for this reason. Further, if you have properties located at different developing areas, you can also choose to rent them based on the market prices at that region.

Explain to your tenants about insurance plans

Insuring your property or home is a must to make sure you are covered in case of damages. However, if you are renting out your property it is also super important to educate your future tenants about the types of insurance they need. There are countless renter insurance options available in the market, ranging from insurance for their personal stuff to liability insurance for damages and lawsuit coverage.

Specifically for renters, there are also multiple policies to help them out in case of loss of income or on a property becoming uninhabitable. As a landlord, it is up to you to decide your investment goals and address the security concerns accordingly.

Take advantage of tax breaks

There many ways real estate investment can be utilized to ensure tax benefits.  With the help of depreciation, it is possible to recover costs on a rental property that falls under income tax. The 1031 like-kind exchange or selling an investment property and using the equity to purchase another property are another effective way to save taxes.

However, the best part is renters can be excluded from capital gains taxes too based on the sale value of their property. There is numerous other tax break opportunities available regarding interest, repairs, personal property, home office etc. as well.


To sum it up, making investments in real estate property can seem quite a daunting idea. While investing in real estate looks lucrative, there are innumerable factors that you need to consider before making a decision. Remember, it is always better to start with investing in small real estate properties so that the associated risks are recoverable.

However, with the essential financial and legal knowledge, homework, market study, and a solid plan of action, it becomes extremely easy as well as one of the best options available to build and expand your wealth. Once you have done your research and have significant knowledge about the real estate market, you are bound to flourish!


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