Hi, I’m Nick Foy

My website teaches you how to invest in real estate and how to become smarter in personal finance. We cover topics from saving money, to making more money, to investing your money and earning passive income.
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Let’s do this thing! I’ll teach you how to start buying investment properties, step by step. I’ve bought several, so let me show you the way.

Nick Foy real estate investing school

Real Estate Investing School is my 15 day step by step training course on how to start your journey in real estate investing. You’ll learn the following:

  • How to prepare (save money, credit scores, business plan)
  • Do you need a legal entity? (LLC, Corporations, etc.)
  • How to find deals (marketing strategies)
  • How to fund the deals (financing strategies)
  • How to analyze your real estate market
  • How to analyze a potential investment deal
  • Types of properties to invest in
  • Strategies to make money in real estate
  • Property management

Personal Finance School is your step by step training course teaching you how to be smarter with money. We cover a variety of personal finance topics but they will all fall under the 3 main categories:

  • How to make more money
  • How to save your money
  • How to invest your money

About Me

I got started investing at age 18, opening a stock brokerage account and at age 19, I purchased my first real estate investment property. Learning about stocks and real estate, pushed me to dive further into the world of personal finance and I soon became a college graduate with a finance degree from Ohio State University.

Now my passion is sharing my knowledge of personal finance with others and sharing my successes investing in real estate. I’ve accumulated a net worth above $1 million before the age of 30, achieving my goal of being a millionaire by 30.

We will cover the steps to achieving financial freedom on this blog from saving money, to paying off debt, to building credit, to getting real estate loans for investment properties, and more. If you find any of my articles helpful, please share them to social media.

Fix & Flip Deals

Download your free copy of my fix & flip analysis guide. This PDF will show you how to run numbers on a potential investment property.