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Best Real Estate Investing Courses (Free)

The real estate industry is huge. There is plenty of knowledge from books, websites, youtube channels to podcasts. As an investor, you are sometimes overwhelmed by all the information and don’t know what to implement. You yearn for specific well-taught content. A free course in real estate investing will quench your desires.

Before getting to real estate investing, it is an unspoken rule to get the right education. Don’t jump into investing blindly. You need to understand the terms used in real estate investing.  Have complete know-how of the buying and selling process to avoid common mistakes.

This knowledge will ensure you choose the best investment strategy. With the right facts, you will gain deal analysis skills and make smart investment decisions. The best part is, you don’t have to attend a special real estate school. From the comfort of your seat, you can enroll in any of the following courses for free:

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 Free Real Estate Investing Courses

#1:   Commercial Real Estate Investing for Beginners by Peter Harris

The eight-hour course explains the basics of investing in commercial real estate. In the 76 lectures, you will learn what it takes to own your first commercial property. The sessions highlight different asset classes, specifying those recommended for individual investors.

The course enlightens you on the major pitfalls to avoid and the secrets to creating generational wealth. Enroll in the free course to learn how to quickly evaluate any deal and make informed decisions.

 #2:  Find and Close on Off-Market Real Estate Faster than Anyone by Liran Koren

In real estate investing, the property you are dealing in determines your profitability. Finding the right property is a hurdle. To make it easy, get tips from this course. You will learn to find off-market, pre-closures, and probate properties without subscribing to any lead generation services.

Are you getting it rough to convert your calls into good deals?  This course will teach you to increase your call-back rate by contacting distressed homeowners with specific offers. Convert negative responses from potential sellers into profitable contacts using tips in the course. A listing agent, wholesaler, cash investor, or auction buyer, this course will teach you to dominate any marketplace.

#3: Multifamily Real Estate Investing From A-Z by Disrupt Equity

Learn how to get into multifamily investing as a syndicator or a limited partner by enrolling in this course. You need relevant experience to invest in multi-family homes. This course will teach you to be a pro in dealing with multifamily properties. You will gain skills in identifying the right investments.

The real estate metrics such as the  NOI and cap rates can be confusing. This course will give you a better understanding of all these metrics and how to use them in analyzing properties.

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 #4:   Best Cities for Real Estate Investing by Neal Bawa

Your real estate market determines your profitability. The course provides the ultimate guide on finding cities with a hot real estate market. It is a powerful hands-on workshop. You will pick any city in the US and select the best growing parts of the city.

Neal will teach you how to use metrics such as household income, poverty levels, and unemployment levels to select the best investment locations. You will also know the zero growth areas of the city. This is amazing. Go through the course to avoid wasting your time and money on declining markets.

#5:   Introduction to Personal branding by Kimberley Barker

To gain penetration into the local market as a real estate professional, you must brand yourself well. A good brand will make you stand out among other agents and investors.

This six-hour course explains the benefits that come with a personal brand. You will learn how to build your brand from your infrastructure to the mission statement. A brand needs sustainability. You will get education on creating and maintaining a plan for your brand.

#6:   Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator by Barry Narebuff

To get the best offer in any real estate deal, you must have excellent negotiation skills. Unfortunately for some, the art of negotiation is not inborn. It is acquired through practice. This is where this course comes in. You will learn themes such as;  the theory of the pie, negotiation caselets,  the zincit case, and the oupsider case.

The course will impart a wealth of negotiation skills you never had. You will predict and interpret the behavior of those you negotiate with. The coursework uses numbers and statistics to create strategies. This will help you gain evidence-based negotiation techniques.

#7:    Construction Finance by Columbia University by Ibrahim Odeh

Are you a construction project manager? If yes, you need this course. It will expand your knowledge to cover the time value of money, real estate finance, and financial plans for commercial real estate.

That is not all. The modules also explain the real estate product cycle, zoning code parameters, feasibility studies, private and public partnerships, and how to identify and mitigate risks. This course will equip you with the economics and mathematics of money for every construction project.

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#8:    5 Tools to Maximize Leasing Properties by Heather Boren

Have you been thinking of leasing commercial properties but don’t know where to start? Heather’s course will guide you.  This course covers an overview of commercial property types, tips on how to hunt for properties, tools to use when negotiating a lease and making an offer.

#9:   Millionaire’s Real Estate Playbook by Armando Montelongo

From grass to grace, Armando started with nothing to America’s largest residential real estate investor. This book is full of hope and determination for any real estate investor. How many houses do you flip in a month? Learn how Armando flips 25-30 houses per month. Grab this course to become a flipping machine.


Real estate investing calls for intelligence and a deep understanding of the market. You must therefore invest in education and continuously acquire new skills. The best news is you can access this knowledge without paying a dime. Take advantage of the available online free courses and up your game in real estate investing.

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