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offer on an reo property

How to Make an Offer on REO Property

The Art of Making an Irresistible REO Offer A good deal is what you’re looking for, right? Then consider real estate-owned (REO) properties. They’re the best strategy for winning lucrative real estate investment deals. Sadly, new investors are afraid of this investment opportunity because of unknown risks. REO homes are a gold mine for real …

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Wholesaling Real Estate Risks

Wholesaling Real Estate Risks Real estate wholesaling is one of the most rewarding types of real state investing. Wholesaling in real estate means finding properties at prices below the market value, getting invested in a property by acquiring it under contract, and then selling the rights of that contract to an end buyer for a …

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House Flipping Checklist

House Flipping Checklist One of the current trends in real state investment is house flipping. House flipping refers to real estate investment through buying a property, renovating it, and selling it for profit. House flipping repairs can be functional, structural, purely cosmetic, or a combination. Some of the things replaced during house flipping are bathroom …

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rent vs buy real estate

Rent vs. Buy: The Definitive Guide

Rent vs. Buy: The Definitive Guide In today’s market, there’s a lot of debate about renting a residence versus buying a home. Everyone is willing to offer an opinion based on their limited experience or personal agenda, but how do you truly know which is suitable for your lifestyle? As with anything, there are advantages …

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Fix & Flip Deals

Download your free copy of my fix & flip analysis guide. This PDF will show you how to run numbers on a potential investment property.