Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts for Beginners

As per the statista research department, individuals listening to podcasts have been increasing. In 2020, 55% of U.S consumers embraced listening to audio podcasts up from 51% in 2019. From the past years, the growth has been steady. This means podcasts have gained popularity over time.

Knowledge and self-confidence will speed up your investment journey as a new investor. Podcasts are sources of essential information. Through podcasts, professional individuals offer quality and actionable facts about real estate investing.

Imagine increasing your real estate entrepreneurial skills while carrying out your daily routine. This is what podcasts offer you. But how do you choose the best to listen to among many? Here are the most valuable podcasts to start with:

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#1: Bigger Pockets: Real Estate Podcast

This podcast gives one inspiration to begin the real estate investing journey.

Brandon Turner and David Greene emphasize the inclusivity of the real estate industry. A stay-at-home mum or a waiter, this podcast will give you encouragement to start and invest in real estate.

The hosts feature interviews with investors from all backgrounds. Bigger pockets podcast enlightens you on various investment strategies in real estate investing.

This podcast gets released weekly on Thursdays. It provides a platform you can interact with other real estate investors. Listening to this podcast is like talking to a friend. One you can share with your successes and failures without fear.

#2: Bigger Pockets: The Real Estate Rookie

This is a honeypot for beginners. The podcast provides a systematic guide to a new investor. It explains how to gain financial freedom using real estate investing.

Real estate rookie gives essential information for building your knowledge base. The podcast information makes you feel like you are interacting with a trainer on a personal level.

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#3: The Real Wealth Show

The host Kathy Fettke uses this podcast to give you insights on how to build real wealth in real estate investing. The real wealth show gets aired two to three times per week. It talks about upcoming opportunities for both new and experienced investors.

Additionally, this podcast lays out practical approaches to real estate investing. You will also listen to resourceful market information. You can’t miss out on the secrets of acquiring and monetizing your investment. So listen to this podcast.

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#4: Real Estate Today Radio Podcast

This is a national association of realtors (NAR) owned podcast. It brings forth accurate and timely facts on market trends that you should be aware of.

We all love to belong somewhere. This podcast will connect you to a warm community of people. Those driven to achieve their goals of owning properties.

Real estate radio will equip you with pricing and negotiation strategies. Moreover, listening to this podcast will enlighten you on operational policies. You will also gain a new understanding of investing in real estate that you will apply daily as an investor.

#5: Cash Flow Diary Podcast

In the cash flow diary podcast, the main facilitator uses his daily practices to teach. He gives you functional information on successful real estate investing. You will gain all-around facts on buying and selling in real estate investing.

The cash flow diary imparts several skills. They include wholesaling, flipping, and rehabilitating houses to placing offers and closing deals. Take advantage of the free training courses offered d by J Massey. You will learn the trending real estate investing strategies.

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#6: Think Reality Radio

Abhi Goldhar, the host of this podcast ensures you get skills and experience. This is at all levels of real estate investing. Through his weekly episodes, he oozes wisdom. He concentrates on interior design and real estate financing.

Think reality radio provides insights about the operational and managerial functions of your investment. Read this podcast to gain real-life experience and skills in real estate investing,

Bottom line – Real Estate Podcasts

Learning never stops, at least for a smart real estate investor. Convert your idle time into good facts and intellectual learning.

As a beginner investor, listen to podcasts that fit your learning needs. Get time to discuss with like-minded friends on action points from your best podcasts.

With the extensive knowledge and expertise offered in podcasts, you will excel in real estate investing.

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