9 Best Books on Flipping Houses

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family” (Kofi Annan). Having correct facts gives you a chance to weigh the available options and make the right choices. With good decision-making, you will continuously thrive in real estate investing and achieve your financial goals.

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To progressively grow in real estate investing you must research extensively to comprehend all aspects of the business. House flipping is one profitable strategy in real estate investing.

The flipping business demands a calculating mind. One that can a house practical judge when to hold and when to sell. Such a mind must be fed with the right content.

It is in books there are well-documented testimonies of those who came before you in house flipping enterprises. With their knowledge and experience, they provide you with guidance on how to conduct your business. They explain real-life challenges and the actions they took to overcome them.

Learning is a continuous process. It doesn’t matter how long you have flipped houses or the number of houses you have flipped. A beginner or a veteran, the following house flipping books will give you comprehensive skills to run and maintain your house flipping project effectively.

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#1: The Flipping Blue Print by Luke Weber

With its good rating of 4.7 on amazon, it is the best book to start with. This book provides a model on how to start and improve your real estate investing project. It is an easy-to-read book with clear guidance on specific actions to take and when to act in flipping houses.

The book highlights a step-by-step process right from where to get deals, budgeting, finding contractors, acquiring finance from lenders, dealing with real estate professionals, selecting your market to closing a deal profitably. Additionally, the book instills the good motivation needed to succeed in house flipping.

The author has shared secrets to his success as a real estate entrepreneur. Therefore, if you are an experienced house flipper who wants to remain relevant and fruitful or a beginner who wants to start an exciting journey in house flipping, Weber’s book is a must-read.

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#2: The Book on Flipping Houses: How to Buy, Rehab and Resell Residential Properties by J. Scott

If you are indecisive about beginning a house flipping business because of the risks involved, this is the book for you. J. Scott focuses on all aspects of conducting your flipping business in any state of the economic cycle.

The 4.7 rated book in Amazon lays out how to make use of seven creative financing options that are commonly available for house flipping businesses. This book gives you insight on how to manage your business, starting from creating an outlook of your work, coming up with a budget and schedules that will generate good returns

The book elaborates on how to precisely assess the profitability of a deal, the kind of properties to invest in, the best locations to establish your flipping business, and how to sell your refurbished property fast with the highest pricing possible. This book will save you a lot of money and reduce your flipping stress, therefore go for it.

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#3: Flip: How to Find, Fix and Sell Houses for  Profit by Rick Villan & Clay Davis

Having been involved in over one thousand flips Rick Villan provides a five-step model for one to flip a house successfully. The steps are short and clear to make your house flipping easy. The book explains how to find sellers, identify the best areas to flip in, and discover properties with good investment potential.

It offers guidance on how to analyze whether a house has the potential to be profitable by checking on the improvements it requires and the estimated costs. The book also contains fifty steps on how to renovate a house within budget and a specified timeline.

Apart from finding financing options and ways of presenting your offer, this book also highlights the finishing touches for a house to sell quickly with maximum profits. A real estate investor interested in house flipping, these are details you don’t want to miss.

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#4: Flip your Future: How to Quit Your Job, Live your Dreams and Make Six Figures by Ryan Pineda

Quitting your day job to start flipping is a bold step. This book provides a guide on how flipping houses can turn your life around. Ryan Pineda shares his experience of how he multiplied $10,000 to more than $1,000,000 in just 3 years by flipping houses.

The book provides a guide on how you can buy a home without using a single cent from your pocket. It also elaborates methods of finding deals, to make your flipping life easy, the book explains how to use other people to get deals for you.

To enhance your flipping skills, the book features techniques of calculating rehabilitation costs, finding good contractors, marketing efficiently, and effectively analyzing deals to get desirable profits. This book will help you accomplish your financing goals through flipping houses.

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#5: Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom by Mark Ferguson

This book uniquely calls attention to approaches for one to scale their business to appoint of flipping multiple houses at the same time perfectly. The book encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and build your flipping enterprise by getting great deals simultaneously.

The author does not depend on the market conditions; he, therefore, shares the methodology he applies to get good deals at all times. To make your deal valuable he outlines the kind of houses you should buy and the ones to avoid.

The 4.6 rated book on amazon offers negotiation tactics and means of explicitly estimating your repair costs. It further gives insights into the common mistakes you can make as a house flipper and how to avoid them to prosper in real estate investing.

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#6: The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible by Paul Esajian

This book shares a seven-step system used by Paul Esajian and his students to successfully run several flipping projects within budget with specified timelines. It talks about finding the right properties, settling for the right offers, working with licensed and insured contractors, and selling the property to a happy client at a profit.

Apart from uncovering ways to fund your projects using other people’s money, the book explains the IRS guidelines to assist you to reserve most of the money you get from your business.

This great book offers information and knowledge for any ordinary person to get into real estate investing and make it big.  For an experienced investor adapting the author’s system will ensure you get consistent returns.

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#7: The Business of Flipping Homes by William Bronchick and Robert Dahlstrom

This book shares an A – Z guide that is crucial for both new and seasoned investors. The authors give secrets to excel in all types of market conditions and economic times.

The authors elaborate on the need to have a good business strategy as your first step.  This book majors in single-family homes, how to find them, refurbish them and sell them at a profit.

Most real estate investors dive into house flipping without enough information. The book highlights the common mistakes house flippers make and provides a way out. Additionally, it explains systematic approaches to long-term planning and how you can incorporate technology to improve your business results.

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#8: Flipping Houses for Dummies by Ralph R. Roberts

Ralph R. Roberts uses this book to tell you that house flipping is not just about buying renovating and selling houses. The book explains the significance of inventiveness good organizational skills and being daring.

The author gives a house flipping practical guide to checking whether you have the essential resources required to flip houses.  It also prepares you for imperils and possible rewards of house flipping. The book then brings out all the masterly knowledge you require to bit the existing competitive market and sell profitably.

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#9: Real Estate Flipping: Flipping Houses for Passive Income by Sabi Shepherd

Looking for tips on how to minimize house flipping costs and maximize profits, Sabi Shepherd’s book has got you covered. The book gives good insights on; how to source financing for house flipping deals, a range of properties that can make good investments, and how to appraise deals.

Moreover, it enlightens you on how to make a competitive offer with additional tips on ways to use time management to your advantage. Additionally, you will learn how to acquire the right team for your business. If you want to learn tricks on how to speed up your flip to get good returns, this is the book for you.

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Bottom line

You need the right information for your business to Succeed. Flipping houses can give you good returns and at the same time cause you big losses.

You must invest in research and relevant knowledge to run your business efficiently.

The above books will guide you not to repeat mistakes done by other investors and establish a working and profitable system for your house flipping business.

Be great today,

Nick Foy, Founder | Under30wealth.com

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