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11 Real Estate Career Opportunities

One of the best ways to break into real estate and/or real estate investing is to get a real estate career and work in the real estate industry.

Working the industry will not only make you an income but will increase your knowledge which will lead to smarter decisions when it comes to investing in real estate.

You don’t have to have a job in real estate in order to be an investor. I want to make that clear!

I do however believe that you should maintain some sort of job or income source while building your real estate portfolio.

Having a job will make it easier to obtain bank financing so that you can purchase your investment properties with a loan rather than your own money.

Having a job will also speed up the number of properties you can purchase because you’ll have income coming in weekly to stash away for the next down payment on the next property.

Where as someone with no job will take longer to save money for that next down payment.

Below, we will look into each of the potential career paths briefly as you may find one that interests you for either a full time or part time income opportunity as well as the knowledge you’ll gain.

Real Estate Career and Job Opportunities

For many of us, we may own real estate as a personal residence or as an investment but there are also numerous careers in the real estate industry such as:

  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Appraisal & Valuation
  • Inspection & Code Enforcement
  • Consulting
  • Development and Construction
  • Land Planners
  • Corporate Asset Mangers
  • Legal Experts
  • Federal Housing Regulators
  • Real Estate Financing & Mortgage Officers

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Real Estate Brokerage

Many start out as real estate agents getting to know the local market under a broker and selling real estate for good side income.

As a real estate sales associate, you’ll learn the local market, understand how to transact your own deals to earn or save money in commissions, and you’ll build a network of industry professionals to tap into in your investing operations.

You start out as a sales associate hanging your license under a brokerage firm and then after two years usually, you can take education courses and get a brokerage license.

You can then work under a broker as a broker associate or start your own firm and act as the broker, hiring sales associates to work under you.

When I started taking courses online to become licensed in Indiana and in Florida, I realized how much you learn that ties into investing and the edge real estate professionals have over the average investor on top of saving commissions when you go to sell your own properties.

Property Management

If you are good with people, you may enjoy property management. Or maybe you want to learn how it all works in order to someday manage your own real estate investment rental properties.

I took an internship in college with a property management firm in Miami, Florida to learn property management inside out so I could feel confident managing my own properties.

I also realized that I didn’t enjoy property management and would likely outsource it to a 3rd party company to handle the duties of my properties I acquire.

But having the knowledge, I could now easily monitor my managers and make sure they are doing an effective job.

Property managers are responsible for finding and screening tenants, handling the day to day operations such as rent collection, paying bills, and solving tenant complaints and needs.

They’ll also be communicating with the owners to alert them of issues and financial performance of the property.


This career path is for those who want to learn how to value land and determine the value of real estate structures built on the land.

Appraisal is important as buyers and sellers rely on this information when transacting a deal, and banks use this information when issuing mortgages to home buyers.


Home buyers and loan originators will require inspections usually to make sure the purchaser is getting the property in fair condition or understands the faults of the real estate and can then use this information to get a fair market price for the property.

This may sound similar to an appraiser but consider inspectors also as people who have to inspect property that has pulled construction or renovation permits with the city to improve the property.

The inspector must check the construction or renovation work that was performed and make sure it complies with code.

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If you have a vast knowledge of real estate from working a specific or multiple sectors in the industry, you can use this knowledge to help others as a consultant.

For example, you used to be a broker in a city and understand the real estate market extremely well. You could consult for a corporate company who is considering moving headquarters to your city.

Real Estate Law

You could also study to become an attorney focused on real estate.

There is a need for someone to draw up legal contracts and turn to for legal advice or to file lawsuits in real estate transactions.

Most investors want to form a legal entity for their investment business and will turn to attorneys for help setting up the entity, for example, LLC’s or Corporations.

Overall, you have several options to start with if any of the 11 listed above interested you.

I recommend pulling up Google and doing further research on your industry you select to learn more about it.

You also will want to research the top companies and even reach out to some of the employees for advice and their experience. Best of luck!

What to Do Next?

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